1. Can I play in two league matches in the same week ?

    Yes, if you are called up as a reserve for another team in your club who play in a higher division then you are also able to play for your own team in the same round/week.

    1. How many appearances can I make as a reserve for a higher team in our club ?

    On your sixth appearance for the higher team who will become a member of that team and hence no longer eligible to play for your original team.

    1. Where in the team order may I play if I am called up as a reserve ?

    You can play in merit order when being called up. (Glos Committee must be informed of changed prior to match taking place.)

    1. How long have I got to enter the match results on the website ?

    You must enter the results within 5 days, otherwise you will be deducted 5 points. If you fail to enter the result within 14 days the match will be awarded as a 20/0 w/o to the away team.

    1. Our A and B teams are in the same division. I was called up as a reserve to play for our A team, can I still play as a reserve for our B team ?

    Yes, (Glos Committee must be informed of changes prior to match taking place.)

    1. We verbally agreed to postpone our home match with a particular team, and now they say they don't want to play it after all and want to claim a w/o. Can they do that ?

    Yes - if a match is postponed the league secretary must be informed BEFORE the date of the original match, and the email notification must be cc'd to the away team. If this notification is not received and a dispute subsequently arises the away team can claim a w/o.

          7. What scoring system do you use ?

    PAR 15 (point a rally to 15) if players come to 14-14, players need to win by 2 points. i.e 16-14


    If a fixture is not played, then : Match cancellations. If two teams agree to postpone a match they must fix a new re-scheduled date at the time the match is postponed.  If the teams fail to play on the re-arranged date, the fixture shall be awarded as a –5/20 ( -3/15 for the premier division) walkover to the team team who wanted to play on the re-arranged date (as an incentive that all fixtures are played.)

    If a new date is not agreed at the time a fixture is initially postponed, and the fixture is not played at a later date, and more than 48 hours notice of the cancellation was given the  penalty is -10/15 ( - 8/12 in the premier division) and with less than 48 hours notice it is -10/20 ( -8 / 15 in the premier division) ( ie the penalty is one third the total number of game points available if a fixture is played.)

    If any away team cancels with less than 48 hours notice then they have to pay the home team £20 to cover costs.


    1. What is the GSA child protection policy wrt to children playing the senior league ?

    The 'child protection' policy was approved in the 2008 AGM. If the parent or guardian is not available to supervise the child (under 18) playing in a match, then the nominated adult who is to supervise the child must hold a DBS. England Squash have agreed to help with this process - they will provide the application form, the adult can be apply as a 'squash volunteer', and ES will help towards the cost of the application. The club which has teams with children will have to hold a form for each child, signed by their parent or guardian giving their permission for their child to play in the senior league. This form is available from the England Squash Website here. In addition, the GSA would encourage all clubs to adopt a child protection policy and code of conduct standard. 

    10. What are the Summer League Rules ?

    1. Fixtures consist of 3 singles, and 2 doubles matches.
    2. Fixtures are played on a Wednesday evening, starting between 7.00 pm and 8.00 pm.
    3. The fixture score is one point for every game won, plus 5 bonus points for winning the fixture.
    4. The league is held over June/July, possibly extending into August depending upon the number of teams which enter.
    5. Teams must register their players, and shall play the matches in merit order.
    6. Teams play each other once, and the fixtures shall be organised so teams will alternate between a home and away fixture on successive weeks where possible.
    7. All fixture costs are shared equally between the teams, with captains contacting each other before the fixture to sort the food and drink arrangements, and confirm the court and ball costs.
    8. Teams consist of 7 members, however If a team turns up with less than the required 7 players then whichever player plays twice then they must forfeit their singles match 0-3.

    8.1. If a team turns up with 6 rather than 7 players then they can clearly still win the match but do they play their best player in the doubles and forfeit his singles match or play their worst singles player in the doubles and forfeit his singles match? Either way they are at a disadvantage, but could still win the match.

    8.2. If a team turns up with 5 rather than 7 players then they can clearly still win the match but do they play their best two players in the doubles and forfeit their singles matches or play their worst two singles players in the doubles and forfeit their singles matches, either way they are at even more of a disadvantage (for turning up with two (or too) few players.)

    8.3. If a team turns up with 4 rather than 7 players then they cannot win the match since they will have forfeited all three singles matches.

    The whole point of the summer league is that a club can play a mix of players across all the divisions of the league so the lower league players (or older players) can play in the doubles which is a great leveller when it comes to the game.

    1. Do you have a copy of the original GSA Winter League rules ?
      The original GSA Winter League Rules can be downloaded from here , however the rules listed in this document are superceded by these FAQ where applicable.
    2. How many teams are promoted and/or relegated at the end of the season ?
      At the end of the season the top 2 teams in each division (where there is a higher division)will be promoted, and the bottom 2 (where there is a lower division) relegated. At the League Committee's discretion the 3rd placed team may be promoted, and the 3rd from bottom may be relegated in order to balance the divisions within the league for the following season. However, the League Committee will take into account a team's requested division, and will place teams where appropriate should there be a change in standard of a team (for example when new players are added or players lost) for the new season.

      13. What are the Racketball League Rules ?
      13.1. Fixtures are played on a Monday evening at clubs normal starting time, with food being provided after the match. (home team to pay for food and drinks.)
      13.2 Four players per team playing American scoring up to 15 & the best of 5 games
      13.3 All matches to be played with a single dot black ball (which is now the official ball)