fixture amendments

    Hi Everyone, 

    Please note, there have been some amendments to the fixtures in division 1 due to wessex not being able to field a side. Therefore, I have had to equal out the bottom three divisions with 5 teams each moving East Glos G down to Division 2. As mentioned during the 2018 AGM, we knew at some stage not all teams would be able to stick to allocated match nights as proposed by each division. Thus, having to have some home team fixtures on different nights to suit court availability constraints. The rule of thumb for setting up the leagues is to go by the allocated match nights per division first, from there clubs present there options for allocated home nights to work around court availability constraints. We will be monitoring how these fixtures are managed throughout the season and reassess again during the promotion & relegation stage over the christmas period.

    please check the fixtures for clarification and amend court bookings where necessary. 

    apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    kind regards 

    Mark Toseland