Glos AGM

    Hi All, 

    apologies for the lateness of this message, we've been trying to pin down a date which works for the majority of the committee alongside that we've all been pretty busy with work and other committments.

    The AGM will be held at Riverside squash club on the Wednesday 28th August 2019, starting at 7pm.

    The main matters arising for this years AGM are the proposals for restructuring the league to the following suggestion:

    Tiers of 10 to 12 teams per division, first half of the season every team plays each other once to determine a mid season table order. The top half teams then play against each other home and away to decide the top half table finishing order whilst the bottom half do the same for the bottom half finishing order with 2 teams being promoted and relegated from the final finishing table at the end of the season.

    The main concerns with this arise with food and hosting so this will need to be discussed at the AGM in how this may be achieved.

    please leave a message on the AGM forum page with any discussions relating to this or other matters being held at the AGM.

    The fee's for teams to enter the league will not be rising this year and staying at £60 per team for the whole season. please make payments to the county association account, if you are not sure what the account is, please contact Sue Tamblyn for more details. 

    please see attached for last years AGM minutes

    Kind regards

    Mark Toseland

    GSA AGM 15-08-2018 minutes