Gloucestershire Junior Open 2018 tournament draws

Hi All, 

Please see the attached articles for all the tournament category draws, court allocation times and welcome letter for all of those who are participating in the event. We've managed to receive over 70 entries for the event and can't wait for the tournament to get started.

we look forwards to seeing you there!

kind regards

Mark Toseland

BU11 16 monrad GJO 2018

BU13 16 monrad GJO 2018

BU15 16 monrad GJO 2018

BU17 8 Monrad GJO 2018

BU19 4 RR GJO 2018

GJO 2018 - Court times allocation 1

Gloucestershire Junior Open 2018 welcome letter

GU11 4 RR GJO 2018

GU13 3 RRa and 3 RRb GJO 2018

GU15 5 RR GJO 2018

GU19 3 RR GJO 2018