Gloucestershire County Closed Draws

Hi All, 

Please see the attachements for all the draws for this weekends tournament. We have seen a huge number of entries this year and have doubled our entry list compared to last year which is fantastic to see. Unfortunately though, this means that we do not have enough court time available to run a monrad draw for every event so we have opted to use the knockout with plate rounds for 3 seperate draws so we can maximise participation for the court time we have available.

We see the reintroduction of the womens draw with 10 entries as a round robin format as well as 8 entries for the O45s.

There will be prizes available for all main draws and plate draws courtesy of our sponsors, so please say a thank you as and when you see them during the weekend as they are all within our squash playing community and i dont think we would have achieved such a high entry without their support.

please note, please arrive 15mins prior to your allocated match start as we are playing with a tight schedule and i would prefer not to over run if it all possible.

thank you to those that have paid upfront, it is exeptionally helpful to cost prior to the event start. If you need to pay on the day, you will not be allowed to play until payment has been made.

Scoring for all events is PAR 11 best of 5, however, the womens event during the round robin stages will be run as PAR 11 best of 3, and then for the semi finals and finals will revert back to PAR 11 best of 5.

The two previous players on court will Referee AND Mark the following match to make it fair.

GCC 2018_Court times allocationGCC 2018_Mens A 16 Knockout drawGCC 2018_Mens B 16 Knockout drawGCC 2018_Mens C 16 Knockout drawGCC 2018_O45s MonradGCC 2018_Womens Round Robin,

A further email will be sent to all competitors later to clarify all rules and duties during the event so keep an eye out please.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Kind regards

Mark Toseland and the GSA Team