GSA Winter League 2017/18 Team Lists

GSA Winter League 2017/18

Hi Folks,

If you haven't emailed us your team player list in merit order then please do so asap. Many thanks to all of you who have already done this.

Good luck with your fixtures this week and for the season,

best wishes

GSA Committee


CCS 26/9/2017

A team
Neil Miles
Neil howitt
Ashley mayall
Gary powell
Ted cooke
B team
Sam maylott
Simon critchley
Steve kane
Luke wills
Mike critchley
C team
Dave crisp
Dave bott
Alex milne
Jon cooper
Darren stanton
Duncan brownlie
Steve colwill
Andrew szolga

Cotswold 26/9/2017

Luke Packman
Dave Lane
Paul Jenkins
Joe Watson 
John Summer
Ben Oxley Brown
Peter Gibbons
Cricklade 2/11/2017 , 21/9/2107

Nigel Rowe

Adam Oakley

Rob Brady

Simon Williams

Damian Smith

Kev Jones

Nev Buckle

Mike Stannard

Dowty 21/9/2017
Lewis Cameron
Simon Boucher
John Turner
Vern Cameron
Rigs Campbell
Maurice Buck
Phil Miller
East Glos A
James Ryan
Martin Pashley
Matt Boal
Jordan Langdon Bates
Owen Hughes

East Glos B 26/9/2017

Matt Terrell
Tim Morphew
Robin Hopkins
Ian Bloomfield
Ash Brown
East Glos C 26/9/2017
Jack Bloomfield
Ben Heuze
Carys Jones
Jamie Carmichael
Tony Briscombe
Joe McGrath
East Glos E 26/9/2017
James Jefferey
Tom Fletcher
Becca Quiney
John Carter
Billy Marshall
Matt Balmforth
Anthony Dempster
East Glos F 4/10/2017
Mike Johnstone
Alistar Mathew
Bruce Mills
Craig Johnson
Robert Marsh
James Marsland
East Glos G
Josh Hughes
Tom Waller
Robin Fisher
Paul Wilson
Bob Barker
Adrian Allen
Old Pats
Matt Bedwell
Haley Mendez
Bradley Edwards
Daniel Heaton
James Hessien
Owain Fullerton
Ray McGrath 
James Jeffrey
Riverside A -
Bradley Jenkins  
Dan Wheeler
Craig Webb
Jonny Taylor
Mark Toseland 
Riverside B -
Celine Walser
Mike Healey
Ali Smith
Tim Smith
Reserves for either Team in merit order -  
Alex Parker
Ken Griffith
John Anderson
Chris Hutchence
Rich Cannock
Jeevan Kulkarni
Riverside D
Simon Vaughan
Neal scrivner
John Vickers
Roger Taylor
Mark Pleasance
Nigel Giffen
Alex Peters
David Sears
Martin Van
Riverside E
Duncan Malloch
Lewis Evans
Rob Snell
Chris Pryor
Ben Gaskin
Paul Byard
Keith Chapman-Burnett
Paul Armstrong
Jeremy Lovelock
Sam Dolan
Simon Hurley
Wessex 26/9/2017
1. Todd Bennett
2. Rizwan Khan
3. Paul Bennett
4. Josh Watkins
5. John Walker
6. Ed Crane
7. Paul Maddison 
8. Mark Cains
9. Neil Marshman
10 Callum Ray
11 Andy Heavens
12 Joely Bennett
13 Neil Harries
14 Martin Hill
15  Steve Wood
16. Steve Hawkins
17. Brian Brock
18. Henrietta Ball
19. Phoebe Marshman
20. Will Atkins
Wycliffe 26/9/2017
Jonny Harford
Jared Carter
Kyran Young
Nathan Mead
Campbell Wells
Ed Miles
Jack Turvey
Sam Osborne-Wylde
Tate Harms
Michelle Williams
Lily Taylor-French
Lotti Taylor-French
Clara Lehv
Sydney Wallace
League Rule Changes Introduced at the AGM 2017
Structure :
6 per division; relegation/promotion at Christmas with a play off at the end of the season;

Premier A + Premier B                                                               Tuesday nights

Division 1 and Division 2                                                             Wednesday nights

Division 3 and Division 4                                                             Thursday nights

(This is provisional and may be due to change to best suit current clubs suitability, GSA committee will put forward a provisional league before season starts of best placed teams based upon their ability of players and previous finishing position last season.)

England Squash Membership

This is imperative and should be promoted to all players: all insurance is covered by England Squash plus many additional benefits: discounts, newsletters etc. It was decided that the additional ES membership of £7.50 should be added to all subscription fees. A problem may arise with leisure centres who do not actively seek insurance. It was decided that if people don’t pay their England Squash membership then after 3 appearances their match result would be forfeited.

Team Structures

After much discussion it was decided to keep it as it is currently with the merit order given at the start of the season. Reserves to be played in merit order too but may play for more than one team if playing up a division with 2 teams within it. It is extremely important to notify the league organiser before the match if there is an injury to a player or a team member cannot attend. There will be no list of reserves, just a squad list containing all eligible players. Notification is key and must be communicated before the match is commenced with a record being kept of any changes made.

End Of Season

Once the Fixtures have been created, all matches must be played by the final fixture stated prior to the season start. A couple of players from one team is not enough because of the cost of courts etc… which still have to be paid by the home team. Rearranged matches can be played at half term or any time before the original final fixture date but not after. No lee way for the last fixture date of the season. Any rearranged matches have to be informed to the league organiser and a date has to be set for the rearranged match prior to the following weeks match to be played. Communication is key so that the best solution for all concerned can be sought. A new player to the team cannot be introduced in the last two matches of the season. Results have to be submitted within 5 days of the last match or by Sunday (Mark to confirm this). The team captain has administrative responsibility for this task but it is possible to have more than one person responsible by having extra individuals added to the admin role on the website. If there any problems contact Mark.


1. CCS vs Stroud to be played 13th Dec