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Blade Seat - Gloucestershire County Closed Doubles 2017

Hi all, please see attached for the Blade Seat - Gloucestershire County Closed Doubles 2017.

Please note; please arrive at least 15minutes before your match start time.

No pay = No play, so please have your pairs 10 pound entry fee with you upon registration.

The registration desk will be up in the bar in the far right corner of the lounge area.

Upon registration you will receive your welcome gifts and information guidance about health and safety as well as fire escape routes that you may need to be aware of in case of an emergency.

Food and drink will be available upon request within the bar area.

Please be aware that there will be Hockey teams coming to use the function area to the left of the bar so please could you avoid this area as much as possible whilst they are here.

I would like to thank Blade Seat for sponsoring the event and we will continue to work with Blade Group throughout the year so please involve the sponsors where you can and feel free to chat to them when you get the chance.

Have fun and enjoy the event.

Kind Regards

Mark Toseland

16 player monrad Glos County Closed Doubles 2017